Canada Type

I've been doing some research on type for an upcoming wedding invitation I'm designing and printing letterpress, and came across the stunning digital typography of Canada Type. They often revive mid twentieth century faces, which is perfect for my client's taste. What I love about many of their faces is how many alternates they create. Where a typical digital font might contain 250 or so glyphs, some typefaces from Canada Type include 650 glyphs. Each capital might have 3 or 4 variations. The effect is killer--a single word could have many different iterations, simply by swapping out a letter for one of its alternate forms. As much as we all love metal type, the flexibility of digital type and printing with photopolymer or metal plates give a letterpress printer so many options.

See the above font called Memoriam. With those thin hairlines, I think this could look great printed with the letterpress and I can't wait to try it.