4our: Reflections on Quaternaries by Leslie Hirst

We are just completing the binding of this complex and beautiful edition by artist Leslie Hirst. The edition of 4 boxes each contain four books. Complex cutting and alignment throughout--we do like a challenge!



Sheila Metzner--Fashion

Beautiful photos of this project we are working on now. 
Sheila Metzner, 'Fashion'
published by 21st Editions
Edition of 21
Boxed set of 5 print folders covered in 100% silk over boards.
Inlay of gold-plated brass on cover of box. 




Engineering a solution to pull out materials from a slipcase by embedding a ribbon in the top of the back wall of the slipcase. Full project shots of this fantastic edition for client coming soon.


New Studio

Come visit us in our new space. We're in the same building--just two doors down in a bigger, brighter, better studio. Great things will be made here!

Update your address books: Shelter Bookworks/Amy Borezo, 131 West Main Street #339, Orange, MA 01364  


Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure

Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure gallery and regular edition for Sedimental Records. Boxes house a collaborative DVD from sound artist Olivia Block and film artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Watch an excerpt of the DVD here. Clamshell boxes are four color relief printing on linen over boards. Regular edition is five color letterpress and relief printing on paper over boards. Edition of 30 each.