MCBA Book Art Biennial

I spent the weekend in Minneapolis at the MCBA for the Book Art Biennial. My book 'Labor/Movement (seven workers)' was selected as one of the five finalists for the Book Art Prize 2013. I am honored to be among all of the great work submitted and chosen for this prize. Clifton Meador's "A Repeated Misunderstanding of Nature" was chosen as the winning book. Congratulations to Mr. Meador and the MCBA for creating an event that does the great work of furthering the field of Artist's Books.

On Saturday, during the symposium, participants heard fantastic talks by Jeff Rathermel, Buzz Spector, Sandra Kroupa, and Sarah Bodman. I was in book heaven! I've been traveling a lot this year for bookish events. Next stop in September--Texas! More details on that to come.

Back to the bench for the latest edition binding that I'm working on. Pictures coming soon.