Op Art Pop-Up Book by Tauba Auerbach


I went to the NY Artist's Book Fair this past fall in part to see this particular book, [2,3] by Tauba Auerbach, published by Printed Matter. The book was supposed to be ready for sale during the the Book Fair, but they were having some delays in production, as one can imagine by looking at the complex pop-ups above. Each one of these sculptural pages, some measuring 18" high, folds in half, collapsing into a neat folio. Each separate folio will be housed in a slipcase. I did not see the folding action, but you can see a few pictures of them folding down on Printed Matter's website. The samples they had on display at the Book Fair were hand-cut by the artist and the cuts were pristine and exact. The final edition is 1000 copies, surely to be die cut and assembled by a team. I want one.