One from the archives: Ann Hamilton--Corpus

These are a collection of flickr photos I casually usurped from different folks to show how museum goers actually experienced one of the most successful art installations I have ever witnessed, Ann Hamilton's Corpus at Mass MOCA in 2003. A football field-sized room. Stacks of onionskin paper held up high, mechanically releasing one leaf at a time, drifting down. Large bullhorns shifting around the space, moving slowly up and down, speaking in a robotic voice. Figures (us!) shuffling through white crackly mounds of paper. Windows letting in pink light.

Literally 7 million 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper fell over the course of the installation.

"Gallerygoers apparently get the idea, spending around 20 minutes with ''Corpus,'' 19 minutes longer than people typically spend with one work of art"--NYTimes

Photo 1 from flickr user kellan, photo 2 from takomabibelot, photo 3 from shanevsevil, photo 4 from travisqclark, photo 5 from nogang