Miniature Gardens Redux

This is an artist's book that I recently rebound. The drawings inside are my own. My training previous to working as a bookbinder is as a painter and printmaker and books were a natural progression for me from printmaking. This was one of the first artist's books I created of my own work circa 2001. Recently, I became dissatisfied with the craftsmanship and decided to rebind it. The pages are all graphite on tracing paper. As you lift one page, imagery may appear or disappear, depending on the layering of the tracing paper pages. It is a simple pamphlet stitch sewn onto a cloth hinge that then gets glued into the case. The case is based on the cover construction of Gary Frost's sewn boards binding. The covers are paste paper, created by me, over boards. The pastedowns are this amazing mustard yellow japanese paper that I drummed on. Label is from the same paper. Title letterpress printed in 18pt Univers.