NEW OCEAN, a new artist's book

In April I traveled to Death Valley, CA to do research for a new artist's book that will be published in 2019 and available for pre-publication sale in October 2018. The book considers the nature of freedom and wilderness using Death Valley as a site of investigation. The geology of the area is incredibly dynamic as the earth's crust thins and pulls apart, creating a continental rift where a new ocean will eventually form. The two ridges on either side of Death Valley were once joined, but have been separated over time. I'm visually stitching the two back together in images throughout the book as an attempt to metaphorically see the "whole" site, with its complex history of human occupation as well. The text for the book places a travel narrative to Death Valley written by a suffragette from the 1920s side by side with an accounting of the effects of nearby nuclear testing on the Native American population. There will be 40 copies for sale in the edition, with 10 available in sheets and 5 deluxe copies. Watch for the pre-publication sale in October. Send me an email if you want to reserve a copy now


Binding for Character Traits by Russell Maret

I am in production on Russell Maret's new edition, Character Traits. Russell and I worked closely to develop a unique slipcase for the edition. When the lid of the slip case is removed, a wall drops and the book and print box can be removed. I am also excited to be working with a beautiful suminagashi paper that Russell chose for the edition. More pictures coming soon of the edition in progress.


Hello 2018

It has been a while since I posted. 2017 was packed with binding. I had the honor of working on two very amazing projects for 21st Editions this past year. The most recent is a book of work by photographer Anne Berry. Here are a few photos of the binding, box and print folders. You can see more here.