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Jennie Nayton

Cut paper photographs, books and installations by Australian artist Jennie Nayton. You can see more of her work on her Flickr photostream. Her artist's book pictured here Smoke Unfolding is in the collection of the State Library of Queensland which has the largest publicly accessible collection of artist's books in Australia. Photos published with permission from the artist.


Festival of Endless Gratitude

My work is in this group show in Copenhagen. Alas, I did not have time to take a picture of the work itself, but I was very pleased with the format I came up with and will be making more work like it in the future. For the past year I have been thinking about book hybrids--the piece I sent can be displayed like a book or hung on the wall.


Matt Shlian

Matt Shlian's paper engineering is both informed by and contributes to scientific understanding. His intricately cut and folded paper works can concretely illustrate what is usually seen only at a molecular level. He has over a dozen Youtube videos of his paper and book work in action. Visit his website to check out more of his work and read about his collaborations.


Anna Hepler

After checking out the site for Gouge: The Modern Woodcut at the Hammer Museum, I started looking for contemporary artists using the woodcut. I found this work by Anna Hepler. The floor project was done with students from Bowdoin College. The group of smaller prints is Hepler's own work which takes the woodcut in a nice painterly direction.